Piece of Cake(s)

Here are some cakes that I like..... I think 1 and 5 are my favs. We'll probably go with an all white or mostly white cake. Feedback is always appreciated :)
{ love this last one the most I think }

Boys Will Be Boys...

I'm on hunt for something just like this but not as pricey for the groomsmen or groom. I know I can find this look for under $200. We are definitely not interested in tuxes.

{ this one is around $500 from J.Crew }


Soon, Christian and I will be in the sunshine state. I'm trying to stay excited but it's rough. I wish we could be going with the peace-of-mind that we have a wedding venue! I got a call from my step-grandfather (is there such a thing?) last week saying that our free 2 day passes to Disney are no longer happening which is one of the reasons we were going. Because of the wedding we've been trying to budget but we thought this trip would be good for us (especially since we stay there for free with my cuz).

We are planning to head down the gulf coast and take photos. So that is something we are looking very forward to.


Bride Avatars

Ok so theknot.com has way to many features that keep my occupied for far too long. On this specific section you can create your own bride avatar. I obviously took this a bit farther than necessary once I got photoshop involved... these are friends / family / currently engaged / recently married... I'm such a dork.


{ my bridal party - no one is allowed to say theirs doesn't look like them, I mean there are only so many options! }

Developments 9.21.09

Venue: We've been a little discouraged for a couple weeks now over losing our near perfect reception venue. To make a long story short the president of the company that owns the event space, now thinks he may want to convert the loft into office space. And the rep who was dealing with us apologized and said we should find another location.
Every location we find is either completely not for us or overly expensive to the point where you are spending $3k for just a space with no tables, chairs, linens, or food. That doesn't really work for us and our budget so we've been stuck.
There are so many scenarios we considered but nothing seems to work. (Including a private destination ceremony with a big reception but at home... which is appealing but takes the fun out of the 1 big day event.) With our (now tentative) date only 8 months away we just really want our loft venue back.

: On a good note I believe we did finalize most of the bridal parties attire for the wedding :)
{ I made these on theknot.com then took them into photoshop }

Back to the Drawing Board

So we lost our reception venue and as it stands we have nowhere to get married. Back to the drawing board... :'(