Caterer ✔

We met with the caterer yesterday morning and it turned out better than expected. They were within budget, the food was phenomenal, and they were just good professional people. They also sent us home with all the food we couldn't finish from the tasting, bonus! I think we both more than agree on this one.

Next challenge... the cake.

Groomsmen ✔

So yet another wrench in our plans. As my bridesmaids had to rush to get there dresses by the deadline, now our groomsmen also have to rush. We've been looking at this one suit for weeks now that is a really nice black 3 button jacket with flat front pants. I had Giancarlo be my model for it and we really liked it. The promotional price was right too... $129 for the jacket + pant, compared to $120 - $160 to rent a tux that they can't keep and have to pick up the day before to return it the day after. We were really excited about this one. On Tuesday, though, we found out that the price we like so much would no longer be offered after this Saturday. Grrrr.

So boys please don't be mad or frustrated with us! We've been trying to find good deals and make everything so that it's not even the least bit inconvenient! Sorry for the rush on this! :(

Side note on the pants... we prefer the flat front pant, but if you try it on and decide it doesn't fit you right there is supposedly a pleated pant that goes with this suit as well.

{ no vests for the wedding, of course it's a good deal if you just want one anyway }

Honeymoon ✔

Last night, on a bit of a whim, Christian and I booked our honeymoon! We are going back to the Dominican Republic. We went there in 2008 for my annual-birthday-trip, we stayed in a 3-star 'kids welcome' resort for just under $800 (without flight, we used frequent-flyer miles for that trip)... the price was right but we had barely any amenities and a small room. It was fun but certainly not honeymoon-worthy.
This time we are staying at 6-star 'adults-only' resort, it's fabulous! To go to a resort this nice - in say, St Lucia - it would cost around $6-7k, which we couldn't spend. Obviously we aren't spending $800 this time but we got a pretty decent deal, so we are very excited! Caribbean here we come!

Florist ✔

Mom and I met with the florist today, The Curly Willow. It was great. I have no doubt they will do a fabulous job. They did my mom's bouquets and my sister-in-law-to-be's flowers in 2008.

Disc Jockey ✔

Christian FINALLY booked our DJ today. He's more expensive then I would have preferred but I do not care at this point. I'm just happy I can check it off my list!

He's also working on our website (, trying to find a bartender, and he did mail out our (belated) Save-The-Date magnets yesterday. I did enjoy the little DIY project.

Oh and I also stopped by Exquisite Bride to look at jewelry last night and they told me my gown will be in next week. :) That seems like pretty good turnaround since I only ordered it in October.

Save the Dates

Because Christian and I just got our engagement photos done we can now send out Save-the-Dates. There is really no point in doing it now since we are just over 4 months from the wedding. I wouldn't recommend sending them out once you're within the 6 month mark. But I wanted to design save-the-dates and so I am anyway... my envelopes just came in, I ordered 4Bar envelopes (which is the smallest mailable size envelope) from Paper Source in Gravel, Cement, and some in Yellow just for fun. I also ordered Black and Cement liners for the envelopes just for a little something extra.

Engagement Photos ✔

We finally got engagement photos! Christian's brother and his wife took them for us, thank you so much Nate + Nikki!