Developments 8.28.09

Well, there hasn't been a lot to report on in the past week or so...

Christian and I decided to give ourselves a September 30th deadline for choosing the bridal party's attire for our May 22nd wedding. We're leaving that day for a little r&r in the sunshine state. I think my only real issue is the bridesmaids dresses because once that's resolved every thing else will really fall into place.

Recently we (hopefully) finalized the colors, adding 1 more. The pallet has elegant shades of gray with textured matte whites and small hints of a darker teal blue here and there. (That's my fancy way of saying gray + white + teal!)

Due to the extensive paperwork we have been reading for the ceremony location, we have decided to continue looking but keep our location an option. Although the fee for the site is minimal we are now finding out that we have to purchase insurance etc, for like an additional $250+ for only 4 hours of actually having the area. So we will see how that goes. For now we continue to pray about it.


Last night Tara and I went to MB Bride. They seemed to have a larger selection of bridesmaids dresses then most. She tried on most of the same dresses I had Carly try on a few weeks ago... I still have no idea which ones I like best. I am extremely picky and want their dresses to have similarities to mine and be made from a similar fabric. (Not an easy task!)

After she had tried on a dozen or so dresses I found myself wondering over in the bridal gown area. Even though I have a gown picked out from another store. This could have turned out tragic in the event that I found a new dress. Thankfully trying on about 5 or 6 more dresses just made me like mine even more. :)

18 Page Contract

Recently my planner sent me an 18 page contract/permit for our ceremony site. 18 PAGES! I can't believe how much goes into this... of course there was a whole page concerning fireworks and fire codes etc. I bet 75% of it is not related to our wedding ceremony but it was entertaining.

Officiant ✔

Today we officially have an officiant for the ceremony! My pastor (since 1999) from Independent Baptist Church, Christian's idea. I couldn't imagine anyone else performing our ceremony!

Pastor McCord performed my mother's ceremony last year and since my step-dad insisted on the Star Wars theme for the recessional music, pastor said, "may the Lord be with you" and waved his hand as if he used 'the force.' It was so cute and everyone got a good laugh.

{ my mom's 9/6/08 wedding }

Yay, one step closer to the wedding...

Control Freak

Ok so perhaps I've been told once or twice that I clearly need to be in control of any given situation. That may or may not be true. The groom-to-be has called me "bossy" on more than one occasion. Although I promise it's only because when no one is in charge and chaos starts then I take over... ;)

As a bride-to-be I know there will be bumps along the way to planning our wedding. Currently my emotions are wrapped around the fact that I am not involved in my bridal shower. I am perfectly aware that I am not supposed to be planning my shower. My bridesmaids are great and I do trust them. It's just hard to surrender things like this to someone else completely.

I worry about how much they are spending because I don't want anyone spending too much on this party for me. I want my bridesmaids to enjoy it and feel a sense of pride in the end for what they will accomplish, not feel like they are just writing a check to someone for an absurd amount and that's it.

Wedding Venues

We've been looking for a suitable wedding venue in the Pittsburgh area for a month now. Since I always thought I'd have a destination (beach) wedding I never really looked around here before. After a couple weeks of looking we came up empty handed and completely defeated.

One of our bridesmaids mentioned a new place that she said I had to check out. It took another couple of weeks for our planner (and friend), the lovely Katy Simovski, to finally get us in to check the place out.

Yesterday Katy and I went to check out the potential ceremony and reception venues. We love them both!!! Finally........

{ Ceremony }

{ Reception }The reception venue is being renovated so it'll be even better once it's finished!

I can't wait to see them transformed for our 2010 wedding!

The Ring

I love my engagement ring and Christian did so well picking out the setting!

I also realized while playing with my ring, which I do that quite often, that Christian's initials are on my lens cap :)

We're Getting Married!

Christian proposed on July 1, 2009 (about a month ago now). We were on their way to dinner at Rock Bottom (one of our places) and while in traffic Christian mentioned that he accidentally left his camera bag and tripod in the car. In addition to that he was complaining about how he shouldn't have worn a polo shirt with cargo shorts. Minutes later he said "the sky looks great for photos I want to go shoot that old mill across the river before dinner." I hadn't eaten much that day and was starving so I was wining about how if he wanted to do that he'd have to get me a snack first.

Without stopping for a snack, he pulled over at the location he wanted to shoot the old mill from. I told him I was staying in the car because I didn't feel well. He said, "please get out of the car and help me set up this shot." Without (much) hesitation I did as he asked.

All I really did was walk around in front of an old building watching him mess with his camera and tripod. Shortly after he turned the camera on me and said, "we should get a photo of us!" Since I'm always up for more photos of us I agreed.

He set the timer on his camera, ran over, got down on one knee, pulled a tiny box out of his cargo pocket, and spoke those 5 magic words... "Lauren, will you marry me?" The best part is that the camera caught that exact moment :)

{ old mill }