Photographer ✔

Tonight we booked our wedding photographer! We are so excited. It's so important to meet with photographers and discuss your individual needs. We were so picky and we have faith that they will do a great job!

Cool Cakes

I am constantly researching each different piece of the wedding from cakes to flowers to ties. I have found some beautiful cakes along the way. Not so much for me but unique cakes with very interesting details.

I LOVE the eyelet cakes, they aren't for me but I think they are so pretty!
This cake seems so fare and dainty to me even with the bold/contemporary circle pattern.I love the modern design of the buds streaming down this cake.This is the cutest ugliest cake ever, ha!Tuxedo shirt detailing - very cool.

Venue and Date ✔

We are officially getting married at The Barn at Fallingwater on May 22, 2010!

Dear God,
Thank you!

The Barn

My fiance, my mother, and I drove up to The Barn At Fallingwater today. It was really nice. They LOVED it, so I'm pretty excited about it. At this point I'm waiting on the events chick to get back from vacation so we can discuss the specifics. So it's looking like we're getting married at the Barn!

Groomsmen Style

I love the darker suit for the groomsmen and the lighter gray for the groom...
(I know this isn't really new but I just love it)

Bridesmaid's Dresses ✔

I am pretty sure I've been driving my bridesmaids crazy since I keep going back and forth on the dresses! I had chosen a deep v-neck charcoal + black low back dress and of course now I've changed my mind (again). But here's the good thing... I'm done changing my mind :)

It's a Jim Hjelm and Carly tried it on in these photos at MB Bride in Greensburg. The dress was a few sizes too big on her so it's not going to look great in these pics. The color combos I like are Taupe / Pewter / Black or Pewter / Black / Black. (both shown)

Bridesmaids: Let me know when you want to try it on!

{ and yes my nephew was spiderman for halloween }

{ my bridesmaid inspiration board }

Why Sweet & Bossy?

I have to explain the title "sweet & bossy." Christian likes to jokingly call me bossy when I try to take charge of any given situation. I always thought it was cute.

One day after we got engaged Christian looked romantically into my eyes and said slowly
"you are sweet and bossy yet I love you" of course frantically immediately after he said "I didn't mean to say, yet!"

We laughed about it for a while and it just sort of stuck...

Plus every other blog title I thought of was taken. ;)

Hidden Potential, Perhaps?

So Christian and I visited Pluma today and were pleasantly surprised. It's very modern inside with what they called a 'southern caribbean' flair (which I guess means a big light-up palm tree is all you need to convey that???). BUT it was very nice and very big, the price wasn't too bad either. Unfortunately the guy (the owner) didn't have a date book handy with the available dates for 2010. We are pretty set on May 22.
For us, it is not in a great location. We would have no idea where to have photos taken or where to have the ceremony if we chose Pluma. So there would be a little more research involved in all that.
All in all, it's a good plan B (if the dates were to work out).

We are looking VERY forward to visiting the Barn next Sunday!