Developments 10.31.09

Less than 7 months to go and today we found out that our photographer booked over us. Now we have to go hunting for a new one. We spent a long time doing research on photographers that met our (outrageous, ha) standards... being designers/photographers makes us so picky! So now we don't have one. grrrrrrrrr.

Pink Details

In my search for ideas for my own wedding I've found many beautiful sample photos in other colors. Although I do not prefer pink, my sister is a HUGE fan so I've collected (literally) hundreds of pink images for her.

Green Details

In my search for ideas for my own wedding I've found many beautiful sample photos in other colors. Green is so versatile, it's earthy and it goes great with almost any color.

Plum Details

In my search for ideas for my own wedding I've found many beautiful sample photos in other colors. I love when the bride color coordinates her shoes with her colors!

Yellow Details

In my search for ideas for my own wedding I've found many beautiful sample photos in other colors. Yellow is one of my favorite colors.

Venue Options

It's been a busy week for us. We visited a movie studio on Monday as a potential venue, Thursday we are visiting another location, and today we got an email back from another! Here's the breakdown on each venue....

(visited Monday)
more than enough space (the total sq footage of the entire studio is over 300k sq ft)
no windows, black unfinished walls, super high ceilings
no restrictions on decor
probably a $$$ on the price scale because we would still have to rent tables, chairs, linens, etc
great photo spots nearby
most likely any date we want
still need to find a ceremony spot

(visiting Thursday)
plenty of space, newer
centrally located
no idea yet on cost
not good for photos
still have to find a ceremony site
almost no dates available, we'd have to settle

(visiting soon)
our date is available!
150 guest max (125 - 135 comfortably) our list is roughly 180
recently renovated 'barn' converted into a modern event space
ceremony + reception on site
good for photos
a $$ on the price scale because we wouldn't have to rent tables, chairs, etc
35 mile drive for me, about 50+ for some guests

I gotta say that I'm getting excited about the Barn... it reminds me of the space we lost back in August. I never wanted a 'rustic' or 'earthy' wedding but it's a really neat space and I'm looking very forward to visiting! We've been praying pretty hard about our wedding so we're very anxious to find a place as soon as possible.

2010 Brides

I just wanted to say Congratulations again to all the bride-to-be's who are getting married right along with me in 2010 - Jen, Kacey, Rachel, Mandy, Jess - it's gonna be a great year, can't wait!

Did I forget someone?

Wedding Gown ✔

I FINALLY ordered my wedding gown today and it's the new one I found only Monday! It feels so good to have something accomplished!

We got to see my mom's dress which had just come in - gorgeous! I also worked a deal so my mother-in-law-to-be could get a "mother of the groom" discount! I won't be able to take advantage of the bridesmaid dress discounts they offer if you pick them from the same store you buy your gown from (they didn't have any that came in the right colors for me) so it seemed only fair :)

Now I have to work on the rest of the bridal party!

Flower Favs

I have some flowers now that I'm thinking about for my bouquets ranunculus, anenomes, and roses. Ranunculus and anenomes are my favorite as far as our bouquets go. I found a photo of flowers that I love but I can't find it at the moment. These are some other images that I like... I'll probably add more later!

Beautiful Blooms

If you click the image one that is not-so pixelated will come up.

In with the New

I found a new wedding gown!
Carly and I had the day off so we went to make a final decision on my wedding gown because I've been told I'm cutting it close as far as timing goes. When we walked in to the store they had gotten in more gowns by my favorite designer, Maggie Sottero. My original gown was a Maggie but there were a few that were eluding me. I wanted to try them on but none of the stores in the area had them but all offered to order it for me if I bought it - how many people actually order a wedding gown they never tried on?
When we walked in they had all of the ones I wanted to try and more, it was great! I walked out of the fitting room in one (that I was hunting for) and when I looked in the mirror I finally got that feeling! That "I'm about to be a bride" feeling :) I wish I could post photos but you know how that goes.
My new hope is that I don't try to change the bridesmaid's dresses, again. hehe.

Head First / Bridesmaids

Now that we are back and finally getting settled in again we plan on diving head first into wedding planning! Tuesday, Carly and I are going back to try on my gown one last time so I can finally buy it. Anyone wanna come with?
Christian also says he has a few leads on a wedding venue so he's now in charge of that since I've been having trouble with that whole thing. Lord willing, we should have a venue very soon.

For the bridesmaids...
Here is the info on the dresses I picked out. As of now this is the one I like. Hopefully, that will not change :) MB has it to try on but it doesn't fit quite right because it's all worn out.

Sunshine State

Just got back from a little rest and relaxation in Florida. It was pushing 90° while we were there and super sunny. Thank you to Christian's co-worker for hooking us up with Universal Studios park-hopper tickets! We had a good time except a family member lost someone very close to them while we were gone. That's just one of those things that's going to distract you whether you're at home or on vacation. But here are a few photos from the trip...

Rest in peace Cara. 1985 - 2009.