Photo Love • 2.27.11

How beautiful is a happy bride about to walk down the isle ♥

Addicted to Crafting

I truly enjoy crafting. It is something I can escape into. Lately, I've been making jewelry. My last mod podge earring post- here. Here are some of the earrings I've made in the last few days...

{my new sparrow earrings, arrrgghh}
{front+back}{safari chic}
Pantone books are expensive, so no I did not take these out of a swatch book just to make earrings. I had a coffee accident on my desk at work a few weeks and couldn't bring myself to throw them out so I saved and recycled the coffee-stained swatches. :)

Owl Always Love You

A few years back I found this owl tea set in a catalog I received in the mail, perhaps from Anthropologie? I wasn't usually into things like this but for some reason I loved it. My husband (boyfriend at the time) searched high and low for this set as a Christmas gift because the store had sold out of them. He finally ordered them from someone over seas and ended up with a much larger set and paying half the original price. So I actually have 4 tea cups, a salt and pepper shaker set, and the matching teapot. I didn't even realize that's what he was getting me.

{I found this image online just to show the original set. Cute right?!?}
A few months ago I found a white mug at Paper-Source that matched perfectly so, of course, I had to have it too! I had never actually seen them anywhere else.

Last month, the hubs and I went to Florida to escape the recent sub-arctic temperatures. While there we discovered a store with lots and lots of these owls (pictured below)! Of course, he saw it first and couldn't wait to show me.

We purchased the 2 circled here. They are black. Our whole house is basically grayscale plus pop colors so of course black was perfect. I need to take a photo of the owl colony that currently resides above our refrigerator. There are enough that I need to find a place for them now.

My husband is so sweet to support my small addiction to collecting random things. My next post about collecting... my disney vinylmation. Yes, I am a dork. :)

♥ Happy V-Day ♥

What day do you celebrate Valentines Day on when it falls on a Monday? We sort of celebrated throughout this past weekend and we toasted to our 1st valentines day (even though it's like our 4th).

I also spent part of my weekend crafting! I got inspired on Thursday and NEEDED to make something. So these earrings are sort of the outcome! My original idea was to make Pittsburgh Penguin earrings because we went to the Pens vs. Kings game on Thursday, thanks to a lovely couple my husband knows for sharing their extra ♥ Captain Morgan Club ♥ tickets with us! (Bill Cowher was sitting directly behind us...) ANYWAY, I'm getting off topic -so typical!

I messed up my hockey earrings (though I plan to try again). But I had lots of misc materials so I think I made like 8 pairs. Here are a few pairs that happened to get photographed during my busy weekend. The backs of the black+white pair are pink.

{These ears, and blonde hair, belong to my brothers girlfriend, thank you Brooke for humoring me.}
They are made from random materials in my crafting box (that I severely need to organize) including pieces left over from the earrings I made my bridesmaids last year, Swarovski crystals, etc. (The only real reason the black+white+pink earrings were photographed was because my sister claimed them as hers, so I pulled out my little digital to get photos before I never see them again.)

Photo Love • 2.10.11

I love LOVE going through photos, even if I've looked at them a thousand times.

My husband and I recently took a trip to Florida as sort of a cure for cabin fever (this week the "feels like" temperature has been around -2).

When we vacation we take lots and lots of photos. Here is my photo of the day taken by my hubby!

♥ ♥ ♥

And this is an iPhone photo I took of him while he was taking photos that day. :)

Cute Greetings

Not-so long ago my SIL (sister-in-law) started doodling on a notepad, realizing what she was doing was super cute she started adding to it until she realized it was awesome!

Ok, well maybe it didn't quite happen like that... but she's created some very cute illustrations that she has incorporated into greeting cards and I like it! She has named her line "Penelope Poppy," which comes from a fond childhood memory.

ANYWAY... she sells her ultra feminine illustrations in the form of greeting cards on etsy

Here is a custom illustration she did for a wedding card (the colors are great).

I actually purchased this illustration in the form of a print as a gift for a co-workers wedding.
She met her now-husband in London so it was perfect!

So go check out her stuff on etsy :)

Hello 2011

I decided to start blogging again! I also updated the design of my blog (I say that like I'm only going to change it once, hehe). Anyway... my previous blog was about my journey to the altar but now it's just going to be the journey, mostly day-to-day randomness. :)

So anything posted before 2011 was related to our wedding planning. I spent the rest of 2010 (after our wedding) working on and participating in other weddings. I call it "the 10 weddings of 2010" so creative, I know.

This was my old blog...