Chicongo • 6.2.2011

Yes, it says "Chicongo" instead of Chicago.

My mom, sister, nephew, and I recently took a short trip to Chicago, IL for my neph's 4th birthday. He could not get Chicago to come out of his mouth right, so he always said "Chi-congo" (which was seriously like the cutest thing ever).

{ He loves Legos so of course we went to the Legoland Discovery Center. }
{ The neph LOVED Medieval Times. }
{ The Navy Pier was my favorite... Ok maybe Legoland was but the pier was a close second! }

Chicago was fun.
I'm not sure I ever would have set out to take a trip there but we definitely enjoyed it.

Rock with the Animals • 7.29.11

The last Friday evening in July the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium holds their annual Summer Safari event. It's an over 21 event with live entertainment, beverage stations, and specialty dishes from lots of restaurants from all over the Pittsburgh area (including Capital Grille, Ibiza, Joe's Crab Shack, Six Penn Kitchen, etc). All the animals are out on exhibit for this event and it's a really good time (rain or shine). Every year since I've been with the zoo it has been my job to create all the print materials and signage. This year the committee chose Amur Leopards as the theme, fun right?

"Get Spotted" at the Pittsburgh Zoo, July 29, 2011

Regular tickets are $80 per person and includes vouchers for drinks and all your food. VIP tickets are $125, visit the website for more info. All proceeds go towards the Pittsburgh Zoo and their conservation efforts. Tickets go on sale June 13. Appropriate dress for this event is "fashionable and stylish with comfortable shoes" - basically no jeans since it is essentially a large scale cocktail/dinner party.