Cool Cakes

I am constantly researching each different piece of the wedding from cakes to flowers to ties. I have found some beautiful cakes along the way. Not so much for me but unique cakes with very interesting details.

I LOVE the eyelet cakes, they aren't for me but I think they are so pretty!
This cake seems so fare and dainty to me even with the bold/contemporary circle pattern.I love the modern design of the buds streaming down this cake.This is the cutest ugliest cake ever, ha!Tuxedo shirt detailing - very cool.


  1. These cakes are all soooo different. Like the eyelet cake, too, but it's just not you. :) Keep your eye on the patterns you like. And don't look at too many options! You will get confused!

  1. Lauren said...:

    I don't actually want any of these cakes for my mine :) I just thought they were so nice that others might enjoy them!