Honeymoon ✔

Last night, on a bit of a whim, Christian and I booked our honeymoon! We are going back to the Dominican Republic. We went there in 2008 for my annual-birthday-trip, we stayed in a 3-star 'kids welcome' resort for just under $800 (without flight, we used frequent-flyer miles for that trip)... the price was right but we had barely any amenities and a small room. It was fun but certainly not honeymoon-worthy.
This time we are staying at 6-star 'adults-only' resort, it's fabulous! To go to a resort this nice - in say, St Lucia - it would cost around $6-7k, which we couldn't spend. Obviously we aren't spending $800 this time but we got a pretty decent deal, so we are very excited! Caribbean here we come!