Developments 4.6.10

On -of all days- Easter Sunday my mom and step-dad informed me that the day before they had rode their motorcycles up the mountain and visited The Barn where we are getting married next month. They then instructed me to sit down for what they were about to tell me. When they got to Fallingwater they saw that there were construction vehicles everywhere, the grounds were roped off, and the building was roofless! My parents spoke with a security guard who informed them that the snow from Februarys 'snow-mageddon' had damaged the roof and that it would be done in a few weeks. My mom asked specifically about our date, May 22. The guard then looked at his chart and said, "which May 22 wedding?"

Knowing that we are getting married "in a few weeks" I had a mild panic attack before I realized that I could do nothing about it on Easter Sunday. A few glasses of pinot blanc later I had almost forgotten about it. And I even slept like a baby last night, FINALLY!

Thankfully, this morning Christian contacted them to get the 411, and they said that everything is in order for our wedding and that there is in fact no other wedding scheduled on our day.

Unfortunately, we should probably still keep a close eye on this situation.