Head First / Bridesmaids

Now that we are back and finally getting settled in again we plan on diving head first into wedding planning! Tuesday, Carly and I are going back to try on my gown one last time so I can finally buy it. Anyone wanna come with?
Christian also says he has a few leads on a wedding venue so he's now in charge of that since I've been having trouble with that whole thing. Lord willing, we should have a venue very soon.

For the bridesmaids...
Here is the info on the dresses I picked out. As of now this is the one I like. Hopefully, that will not change :) MB has it to try on but it doesn't fit quite right because it's all worn out.


  1. punkledoodle said...:

    Love the dress! AMAZING

  1. Lauren said...:

    Thanks! I think it'll look great on the girls!