In with the New

I found a new wedding gown!
Carly and I had the day off so we went to make a final decision on my wedding gown because I've been told I'm cutting it close as far as timing goes. When we walked in to the store they had gotten in more gowns by my favorite designer, Maggie Sottero. My original gown was a Maggie but there were a few that were eluding me. I wanted to try them on but none of the stores in the area had them but all offered to order it for me if I bought it - how many people actually order a wedding gown they never tried on?
When we walked in they had all of the ones I wanted to try and more, it was great! I walked out of the fitting room in one (that I was hunting for) and when I looked in the mirror I finally got that feeling! That "I'm about to be a bride" feeling :) I wish I could post photos but you know how that goes.
My new hope is that I don't try to change the bridesmaid's dresses, again. hehe.


  1. punkledoodle said...:

    I can't wait to see your dress!! But please don't change the bridesmaids dresses......they are absolutely beautiful!

  1. Lauren said...:

    The other dress I am considering in nice too but I love the other ones as well. It's tough because there are coordinating features with each bridesmaid dress that reflect my dress(es)! So hard!