Bridal Shoes ✔

Just ordered my bridal shoes, I'm so excited!!! As I was checking out I noticed that it would be just under $100 for my shoes, and I sighed a bit. Then I thought... well maybe if I sign up for the email list I'll get at least like free shipping or something... within 10 seconds I got an email with a new customer coupon code and it made my shoes just under $70, YAY! So it was totally worth it, I cannot wait for them to come in!

I always love it when brides to a bright 'pop' color for their shoes. Unfortunately with our colors - charcoal grays + ivory whites - we don't have any real 'pop' colors. But I always recommend it to people who ask for advice.

Another neat thing about the shoes I chose for the women in our wedding... all the shoes are the same just in 2 colors, black for the girls and ivory for me, but the company does custom shoes for a little bit of an additional charge. They have lots of colors to choose from and you can choose from 2 or 3 different heal heights, depending on the shoe. So for example, my sister is a pink girl so she might do something like this...

Bride: Pink w/Pink Crystals 3.25" heel -- Tall Bridesmaid: Pink+Black 2.5" heel -- Short Bridesmaid: Pink+Black 4" heel