Small Move, Big Difference

About a year or so ago my husband's grandmother offered us an old wooden desk that had been painted green years (and years) ago. I accepted without technically consulting with my better half but I figured it was his grandmother so he wouldn't mind.

We got it home and tried it in just about every room in our house with no luck. It just didn't look right and was rather small to be used as an actual desk. Eventually, we decided that it would be best if we sanded it down and painted it white or black then it would have to work somewhere.

Months went on as it sat in my office (still green) and filled with my jewelry which also didn't have a real home... then we moved. We've now been in our new house for about 2 months. Earlier this week I was rearranging and organizing things in my office and started to feel bad for gram's desk which was, yet again, in my purple-ish office. I moved it into the hallway (we didn't have a hallway in our previous house) so I could finish unloading boxes and moving things around.

Once it was in the hallway I really liked it there! The space that I placed it in was the perfect size for it and we intend on painting the walls a dark charcoal grey color so I think the green will look really nice against it.

After the desk ended up in the hallway I started looking for things to put on it, in it, and around it. Everything was taken from a box that hadn't been fully unpacked or a corner that was just a temporary place anyway.

A. White frame holding a Dove chocolate wrapper that reads, Exercise your heart today, that my husbands great-grandmother gave me the 1st time I met her and sadly the last time before she passed. (It kind of feels like a personal message from her to me.) B. Painting of Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) from The Life Aquatic, one of his all-time favorite movies painted by a good friend of his. C. Statue my mother brought for me from Punta Cana about 10 years ago. D. Card box from our wedding. E. Photo of us taken by a photobooth at Chuck-E-Cheese from my nephew's 3rd birthday. F. Porcelain cat from Benihana that a tropical drink came in on our first date. G. A large vase the hubs made in a pottery class in high school (it just happens to be green+blue)

We also have A LOT of candles so it will be the perfect place to store them until they are needed. Now we just need to fix the broken chain (far left of the image) and paint the walls!

I love when I get so much enjoyment out of something that didn't cost a thing.


  1. I need to get on the ball with posting about my house. I wanted to document the entire transition and haven't posted a thing!