♥ Happy V-Day ♥

What day do you celebrate Valentines Day on when it falls on a Monday? We sort of celebrated throughout this past weekend and we toasted to our 1st valentines day (even though it's like our 4th).

I also spent part of my weekend crafting! I got inspired on Thursday and NEEDED to make something. So these earrings are sort of the outcome! My original idea was to make Pittsburgh Penguin earrings because we went to the Pens vs. Kings game on Thursday, thanks to a lovely couple my husband knows for sharing their extra ♥ Captain Morgan Club ♥ tickets with us! (Bill Cowher was sitting directly behind us...) ANYWAY, I'm getting off topic -so typical!

I messed up my hockey earrings (though I plan to try again). But I had lots of misc materials so I think I made like 8 pairs. Here are a few pairs that happened to get photographed during my busy weekend. The backs of the black+white pair are pink.

{These ears, and blonde hair, belong to my brothers girlfriend, thank you Brooke for humoring me.}
They are made from random materials in my crafting box (that I severely need to organize) including pieces left over from the earrings I made my bridesmaids last year, Swarovski crystals, etc. (The only real reason the black+white+pink earrings were photographed was because my sister claimed them as hers, so I pulled out my little digital to get photos before I never see them again.)


  1. punkledoodle said...:

    Love them! Great job. You need to sell them. I would totally buy them :)

  1. Mod Podge Amy said...:

    These earrings are so fun! And yes, you sould totally sell them. :D

  1. RM said...:

    Beautiful! What are the disks made of? are they just paper or plastic?

    I'd love to have Brooke's skin :)

  1. Lauren said...:

    Thank you! They are made from layers of paper, which varies depending on the weight. The comments are greatly appreciated! :)

  1. Kris said...:

    Ok..I want some. Lovely!!