For the Love of Handbags

I have a habit of falling in love with a handbag by a specific designer or company and then needing like a bizillian of them! The big ones being Littlearth, K.Lianna, Vera Bradley, Fossil, and of course Coach. So I guess you could say I like unique styles or things that tend to be not your typical leather all-purpose handbag.

If I had to guess I'd say I have 25+ littlearth bags. Although, since I worked for them as a Designer and Tradeshow Coordinator for a few years after college I guess that makes sense (also where I met my hubby).

At one point my household had about 50 K.Lianna bags. Now that I am married and live with my husband there are probably 20ish in my possession (the others are divided up between my sister and mother). I love LOVE K.Lianna bags. Katherine, a close friend of mine, started this line in college after winning West Virginia University's annual Business Plan Competition. Her bags incorporated luxurious leathers with creative collages (again LOVE them)! Littlearth picked up her line in 2006 for 1 year.

{K.Lianna + I at an event}

She is currently taking a break form fashion to enjoy motherhood! :)