This world needs God.

I had started writing a post about my love of handbags but this is what is really on my mind right now.

On Saturday night we came home exhausted and went to bed around 11ish. Although, with daylight savings and how tired we were "ish" seems pretty accurate. Around midnight we heard a knock at the door. It was a neighbor who noticed that the window of our white car had been shot out. That's when my heart dropped and my husband called the police immediately. They said we were victim #11 just that night, they think it could have been a BB gun, and that it was probably bored neighborhood kids. Sadly they basically told us there was nothing they could do.

That night we were up pretty late a little shaken from the whole thing. My husband was up looking at apartments and condos we could move into. We own the house but the area has just gotten worse and worse. Since we got married last year we've been plotting our escape anyway, we just have way more motivation now.

Thankfully, we found a window to replace mine (white car) for only $35—sweet, and we know a guy who works on cars who offered to install it for only $25—awesome. Safelite quoted us $270 to replace the window so we saved about $200.

So last night we had it installed and it only took half an hour—great. Then we stopped at my hubs gram+paps house to clean out any extra broken glass (they have the best tools and car stuff). Pulling into the driveway my husband accidentally backed into their mailbox - 4 new scratches on my bumper. Although I truly didn't even care at that point.

Fastward an hour or so to about 10pm... as we pulled up to our house I heard my hubs yell and when we got closer I saw that now our other car (his car) had a window shot out... same damage, same side of the car... nothing stolen at all (not that we keep anything in our cars anyway). Ugh. We tried to find a replacement window ourselves (again) but his car is so new that unfortunately we are probably going to have to pay Safelite $300 (their quote) to fix it.

There are not words for how I feel right now about all this.

Thank you to my brother+sister-in-law for letting us put both cars in their garage when we needed it and for lending us their spare vehicle... little red!