My husband and I are celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary in less than 2 months. All year all I've wanted to do is an anniversary photo shoot in our wedding attire. The reason being that somehow we ended up with like 1 photo we even remotely liked of us from our wedding photographer and it was taken at the end of the night (you know after the hair fell out, got rained on, danced for hours, etc)... shown.

We also have these 2 which are odd...I don't really like this one with me holding his face. It's nice but weird.

Now we really like this one but it's not a portrait of us it's more like artwork since we are so teeny tiny.

My boss happened to also be floating around taking photos at our wedding sort of as an added bonus for us. He caught these 2 photos which we love. Sadly though they are from behind but they are the photos we have framed.

In addition, there are no photos of me in my gown, glamor-style, you know? I paid for this gown and there are photos that show it off at all.

OK! So on to my dilemma... all year I've wanted new photos but all year randomly I have days where I feel like I'm being petty about it. So do I want new photos or not? I love photos. I take photos for others and the fact that I've been so sad with the lack of photos we got only fuels my fire. I ALWAYS take way more photos then even necessary. No bride will ever be photoless on my watch! :)

I've bugged my husband about this potential shoot for months and now he's giving me the photographer options and pricing (our anniversary is -afterall- less than 2 months away)... why do I all of a sudden feel petty? Like "Lauren... you should just let it go." Of course I want the photos. Maybe I'm scared I won't look as the nice the second time around. My makeup artist was super expensive... but so worth it for my wedding day! Maybe I don't want to spend the money when it's not our actual wedding day? Our photographer did apologize to us, after the fact, knowing what happened and he did send us a small refund out of the blue one day.



  1. Melissa said...:

    I say go for it! I too am a huge fan of photos. My husband and I are doing a "trash the dress" shoot next month and I'm so excited. We got married last September, and have wanted to do it since we got married!! A girl can never have enough pictures in her wedding dress. You don't want to always wish you had done it. Totally do it!! Good luck!