Dressing for the Shower

I've been looking for a dress (or outfit) for my bridal shower for weeks now. I thought during the holidays I'd find something. There was a dress that I did buy on sale but I don't think it's that great for my shower, maybe to wear to one of the many weddings coming up in 2010. The shower is in the evening and I'm typically a jeans + t-shirt kinda girl. What is a bride supposed to wear to her shower?

My concerns...
  • Is black ok?
  • Most dresses are really short on me because my legs are so long
  • I'd love to hide my oversized-knees, if I can, since people will be watching me
  • My shower is march 27, is it going to be too cold for a 'little party dress'?
  • Sundresses just don't look right on me, ever
  • Are there dresses out there that are longer but not granny-looking or too gownish? if so where?
  • Can I wear dress pants and a party top? or is that too casual?


  1. If your party is going to be a cocktail party, then you don't need to worry about being too traditional. Wearing nice pants and a party top would actually fit into this theme. Plus, the weather will most likely be cold. You are the bride and you need to be most comfortable :)