The Holidays

Christian and I had a wonderful thanksgiving with our families. We cooked our first thanksgiving dish, which turned out very well (even if it was only a side). We also bought our first Christmas tree on black friday, yay! The intent was to shop after Christmas and get a seriously discounted tree for next year but I talked him into a 6' tree that was on sale for $25! It's now almost completely setup at his house. Our tree / holiday decor is all whites, silver, and warm grays (surprise surprise). We walked around - for what felt like hours - looking at all the colors trying to decide and ended up with gray and white (like the wedding colors).

I love the holidays and I can't wait for next year when we will actually wake up together on Christmas morning!

Recently, we've also been accessing Christian's house trying to figure out how to get all my crap into it when we get married. It's going to be close and I will probably have to give a lot of stuff away. We're hoping that for Christmas our families get us Home Depot and Ikea gift cards (or similar) to ease the transition... wink wink, nudge nudge.


  1. I can get that snowboard out of his house for you guys :) How much does he want for it? I keep foregetting to ask for a photo. Lemme know and enjoy the new tree!