True Dress Debacle

Ha, so I guess I spoke too soon with that last blog! I thought there were issues with my bridesmaids dresses before... now I'm told that Jim Hjelm can't do the colors I chose from their swatch book. One of the associates at MB Bride called me this morning to apologize... if only they would've discovered this a month ago when they told me the colors would be fine! After I spent hours upon hours in that store debating on colors and after most of my bridesmaids put money down, got measured, etc. Wouldn't it have made sense to check if the color combo was alright BEFORE you told me "YES, WE CAN THAT!" You guys are supposed to know more about these dresses then I do! Grrrrr.

So yet AGAIN back to the drawing board. We are most likely just going to swap the colors for my Plan B scheme. But this whole thing is so not cool!

Tonight Nikki, Rachel, and I are going in and I'm telling them what's up!

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Dear MB Bride & Special Occasions,
With the exception of one really nice associate who works there (Linda), I think your service stinks! If people hadn't already paid I would go elsewhere for my bridesmaids dresses. Oh and your lighting makes even beautiful people look gross.
A Very Disgruntled Bride

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Plan B and final color combo... Pewter / Black / Black


  1. punkledoodle said...:

    How frustrating for you! Send that letter!!

  1. Lauren said...:

    At least the dresses did get ordered on Tuesday, and in a color scheme that I do like. :-/