Developments 8.28.09

Well, there hasn't been a lot to report on in the past week or so...

Christian and I decided to give ourselves a September 30th deadline for choosing the bridal party's attire for our May 22nd wedding. We're leaving that day for a little r&r in the sunshine state. I think my only real issue is the bridesmaids dresses because once that's resolved every thing else will really fall into place.

Recently we (hopefully) finalized the colors, adding 1 more. The pallet has elegant shades of gray with textured matte whites and small hints of a darker teal blue here and there. (That's my fancy way of saying gray + white + teal!)

Due to the extensive paperwork we have been reading for the ceremony location, we have decided to continue looking but keep our location an option. Although the fee for the site is minimal we are now finding out that we have to purchase insurance etc, for like an additional $250+ for only 4 hours of actually having the area. So we will see how that goes. For now we continue to pray about it.