We're Getting Married!

Christian proposed on July 1, 2009 (about a month ago now). We were on their way to dinner at Rock Bottom (one of our places) and while in traffic Christian mentioned that he accidentally left his camera bag and tripod in the car. In addition to that he was complaining about how he shouldn't have worn a polo shirt with cargo shorts. Minutes later he said "the sky looks great for photos I want to go shoot that old mill across the river before dinner." I hadn't eaten much that day and was starving so I was wining about how if he wanted to do that he'd have to get me a snack first.

Without stopping for a snack, he pulled over at the location he wanted to shoot the old mill from. I told him I was staying in the car because I didn't feel well. He said, "please get out of the car and help me set up this shot." Without (much) hesitation I did as he asked.

All I really did was walk around in front of an old building watching him mess with his camera and tripod. Shortly after he turned the camera on me and said, "we should get a photo of us!" Since I'm always up for more photos of us I agreed.

He set the timer on his camera, ran over, got down on one knee, pulled a tiny box out of his cargo pocket, and spoke those 5 magic words... "Lauren, will you marry me?" The best part is that the camera caught that exact moment :)

{ old mill }