Control Freak

Ok so perhaps I've been told once or twice that I clearly need to be in control of any given situation. That may or may not be true. The groom-to-be has called me "bossy" on more than one occasion. Although I promise it's only because when no one is in charge and chaos starts then I take over... ;)

As a bride-to-be I know there will be bumps along the way to planning our wedding. Currently my emotions are wrapped around the fact that I am not involved in my bridal shower. I am perfectly aware that I am not supposed to be planning my shower. My bridesmaids are great and I do trust them. It's just hard to surrender things like this to someone else completely.

I worry about how much they are spending because I don't want anyone spending too much on this party for me. I want my bridesmaids to enjoy it and feel a sense of pride in the end for what they will accomplish, not feel like they are just writing a check to someone for an absurd amount and that's it.